Freedom Cash Advance

We are a resource dedicated to providing information on the payday loan - cash advance industry.

A Short-term Financial Resource

We are not 'for or against' payday loans or cash advances. Our foundations' mission is to assist in regulating this largely unregulated financial industry. By offering helpful advice for those in need of emergency funds, we hope to dispel any myths or falsehoods regarding these services.

Freedom Cash Advance - A SAFETY-NET or WEB of DEBT?

We believe that the payday loan industry is growing at a tremendous rate and yet factual, unbiased information about these kinds of services are scarce. We are not affiliated with the industry and is simply focused on providing sincere cash advance advice. Our research team works arduously to protect the rights and interests of everyday people who are just a little down on bucks and need a helping hand to freedom from debt...

We are keeping watch on the industry, so that you don't have any more worries to add to other worries. Borrowing can be very expensive but when you have no other recourse and your car needs to be fixed or an unexpected crisis arises then a payday loan can be that soft safety net that saves you from a hard fall... But if you're not careful and you don't have adequate means to handle the high costs and stipulations of cash advances then these short-term loans can turn into long lasting moans.

We have one ultimate purpose and that's to prevent people from getting entangled in a 'web of debt.' Borrowing can get very sticky if you're not aware of all the dangers or high costs.

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